Sunday, September 18, 2011

Being an Honest Man Goes a Long Way

On Thursday night, September 15, my friend and I went to GMI Collectibles to enjoy a nice game of cards. Only to come across a life changing experience for myself.

GMI is known to be a really strict card shop, however, it's an amazing store with a working Duel Terminal that can be used on Sneak Previews. Not only does it feature cards like Yugioh, but one can play a game called Warhammer. I don't know much of this game, but I heard it's very expensive but worth it.
With so many players there, there is little to no stealing of the sort there. But, that changed the instant my friend and I visited.

It's been months since I went to a card shop to enjoy a card game and trade a bit, however, I always stepped back from players because I always considered them as snobby duelists. Those who have expensive cards, equal snobby duelists. That's my opinion though and changed throughout the night.

We started exchanging folders with an individual who has really expensive cards one as Ally of Justice Catastor. While we were looking through, my friend noticed someone else fondling with the folder, then immediately left. When we said we did want something, we looked to the front page and my friend says that Catastor was missing. Everyone kinda panicked and we were looking everywhere. Some random guy pops up and he immediately took charge of the situation. The culprits: my friend and I who were completley innocent, but the facts led to us and I can't blame the facts. My friend did say someone looked at the folder, and I slightly remembered also; a small Black guy wearing a purple shirt popped in my head. (DISCLAIMER: I am not racist, this is what I really remembered; if it was a Mexican/ Caucasian, I would've said the same thing).

That was our only clue leading to our innocence. We checked and found out that they were playing inside the whole time. I was really scared and nervous, since I've never experienced this before. The random guy, which we call "Hero", immediately threatens us for our Cossy cards and to be lost from here. I did not want that, and offered to pay for the lost card. They agreed. We split, leaving "Hero" and my friend behind so we don't do anything funny. We went to the nearest ATM, and while I was getting my money, they said something which relieved me.

 "Hold on to your money. I don't want money only because the card is more than that, it's a sentimental card."

These people still respected their cards; these were not snobby duelists at all, they wanted the card back and justice to be apprehended to the real culprit. I realized this, that not every person is like I perceived they were. Of course, never judge a book by it's cover, but take into account of past experiences which led to my conclusion of every duelist being snobby.

We went back and decided to wait. While we were waiting, I found out that the victim goes to RCC as well. And I was surprised to find another duelist here from RCC. We talked, and tried helping his friend get into college again so he can start his career as a doctor. We managed, but it was going to be difficult for him to be a doctor through community college.

Changing topics, I then explained my reason for paying the card even if it wasn't my fault to begin with.
"I will sacrifice myself in order for peace to resume. I don't care if I wasn't the culprit, I will take full responsibility even if the culprit is found out" (Not exactly the same words, but close).

After that, we didn't want to be bored so we went to go start trading again. An hour later, we find the victim in his car to see what was the conclusion.
"You're free. You don't have to pay for what you didn't do. You are an honest man. That is why you are off the hook. If you need any help with cards, I can provide some tips."

Those words made me happy. And changed my view of duelists. With that, we bid adieu and went home feeling satisfied for what had happened today.

I hope to be considered one of the most respectable players in the dueling world, and to be number one in worlds one day ^^

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