Sunday, September 18, 2011

Being an Honest Man Goes a Long Way

On Thursday night, September 15, my friend and I went to GMI Collectibles to enjoy a nice game of cards. Only to come across a life changing experience for myself.

GMI is known to be a really strict card shop, however, it's an amazing store with a working Duel Terminal that can be used on Sneak Previews. Not only does it feature cards like Yugioh, but one can play a game called Warhammer. I don't know much of this game, but I heard it's very expensive but worth it.
With so many players there, there is little to no stealing of the sort there. But, that changed the instant my friend and I visited.

It's been months since I went to a card shop to enjoy a card game and trade a bit, however, I always stepped back from players because I always considered them as snobby duelists. Those who have expensive cards, equal snobby duelists. That's my opinion though and changed throughout the night.

We started exchanging folders with an individual who has really expensive cards one as Ally of Justice Catastor. While we were looking through, my friend noticed someone else fondling with the folder, then immediately left. When we said we did want something, we looked to the front page and my friend says that Catastor was missing. Everyone kinda panicked and we were looking everywhere. Some random guy pops up and he immediately took charge of the situation. The culprits: my friend and I who were completley innocent, but the facts led to us and I can't blame the facts. My friend did say someone looked at the folder, and I slightly remembered also; a small Black guy wearing a purple shirt popped in my head. (DISCLAIMER: I am not racist, this is what I really remembered; if it was a Mexican/ Caucasian, I would've said the same thing).

That was our only clue leading to our innocence. We checked and found out that they were playing inside the whole time. I was really scared and nervous, since I've never experienced this before. The random guy, which we call "Hero", immediately threatens us for our Cossy cards and to be lost from here. I did not want that, and offered to pay for the lost card. They agreed. We split, leaving "Hero" and my friend behind so we don't do anything funny. We went to the nearest ATM, and while I was getting my money, they said something which relieved me.

 "Hold on to your money. I don't want money only because the card is more than that, it's a sentimental card."

These people still respected their cards; these were not snobby duelists at all, they wanted the card back and justice to be apprehended to the real culprit. I realized this, that not every person is like I perceived they were. Of course, never judge a book by it's cover, but take into account of past experiences which led to my conclusion of every duelist being snobby.

We went back and decided to wait. While we were waiting, I found out that the victim goes to RCC as well. And I was surprised to find another duelist here from RCC. We talked, and tried helping his friend get into college again so he can start his career as a doctor. We managed, but it was going to be difficult for him to be a doctor through community college.

Changing topics, I then explained my reason for paying the card even if it wasn't my fault to begin with.
"I will sacrifice myself in order for peace to resume. I don't care if I wasn't the culprit, I will take full responsibility even if the culprit is found out" (Not exactly the same words, but close).

After that, we didn't want to be bored so we went to go start trading again. An hour later, we find the victim in his car to see what was the conclusion.
"You're free. You don't have to pay for what you didn't do. You are an honest man. That is why you are off the hook. If you need any help with cards, I can provide some tips."

Those words made me happy. And changed my view of duelists. With that, we bid adieu and went home feeling satisfied for what had happened today.

I hope to be considered one of the most respectable players in the dueling world, and to be number one in worlds one day ^^

New Section: Card of the Day - Nordic Relic Laevateinn

My friend and I decided to start a Card of the Day on another site, so it would be awesome to post it here too.

And today's card is Nordic Relic Laevateinn.

I bet most of you just looked at this and said, "Heh, nordics, I don't need this" and dumped it aside. But if you really take a look at it. It's a pretty powerful card that can even stop Six Samurai Shi En and Stardust Dragon.

It's effect to destroy a monster is just like Sakuretsu but the side effect of making your monster die in battle. However, once it's activated you cannot negate it's activation with cards like Seven Tools of the Bandit, Solemn Judgment, Stardust Dragon, Six Samurai Shie En, Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Begining, Gladiator Beasts, and Forbidden Lance. It instantly kills the monster you dislike. This card can also be activated during endphase so they think they are safe destroying that monster, so if they somehow Mystical after battle, you can activate it.

The drawback is that it's prone to Mystical Space Typhoon though; however, it can be a waste to their Mystical in order to save your cards like Mirror Force. So far, it's a really good card.
So we might be posting these day by day, or every other day, or whenever we fell like it. Thank you and enjoy :D

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The First Days of College

Hey there!!!!!!
Man, it's been forever since i've last been on here xD
Well, I just started college, no lie, 2 days ago!!!
I am super pumped and excited for what's coming my way ><
I love my teachers, my classmates, the atmosphere....AND IT'S ONLY A COMMUNITY COLLEGE!
Believe me, I was extremely skeptical on "community college" because I was brainwashed by society.
Blech, screw society, follow your own beliefs, and it will take you to new places that you will never regret in life.
I might keep updating more and more, since I just started, and the only reason why I haven't been updating on here, is because my computer.......let's just say it's laying around as a paperweight.
And also because of the workoad already given o.O
I have 4 classes, and three, yes THREE ARE HONORS!!!!! I am extremely happy to have honors, but one must be dedicated to do the work.
I have to thank one my best friends, since if it wasn't for his dedication and strive and car, I would not have entrered college nor the honors program at Riverside Community College. He is amazing, and will be greatly rewarded in not only life, but being well respected even more than he is now.
I will hopefully post pics of RCC, and maybe do some writing about the school ^^
Already it's an A+ to me, since everyone has been so far >>
Yes, not everything in life is perfect...... WHY NOT??? T^T

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Why do people hurt themselves
              Each other
We see that person everyday
Online, socially, in our heads
It hurts to think
                                                     About them?
                  -ourselves for getting hurt
We blame
                  -the other for hurting me
We try to help
                       to speak
                                      ... we try
But...                              ...nothing
We think we are helping
We are    H   U   R   T   I   N   G    they arE
Why does it hurt- NO we hurt people?
Is it for joy?
Is it happy to hurt someone?
To    H    U    R    T    someone,
Thats always been there
For you...
F    O    R    E    V    E    R
              -that can be trusted
The one
              -that secrets are told to
we    D    I    S    S    them off
For those who we think we need

Why must we hurt each other?
We both know it's true- we both know we hurt- yet we do nothing


We find the courage
to speak
Once we get that, it shouldn't hurt anymore


Unless the other doesn't respond back?
                                                                    What do you do?
I'm not sure...
          That's stupid

Our society has been surviving for generations
You ask why?

Because... of    C    O    M    M    U    N    I    C    A    T    I    O    N
                   communication - words - language
All intangible yet so powerful


Don't be afraid!
Or else...
                            Sinking In
             No hope
                                            No light
                                                           You speak...

Why do we hurt each other?

Fear is the answer
Don't be, you're strong -
                                         Chin up
We need each other to stop hurting
Dont hurt, if you're hurt too

Be the friend

Better yet...

Just be there

Monday, May 30, 2011


Hey there!
Are you listening?
I’m        listening
To the story you have.
I love it.
Don’t worry.
          I’ll treasure it.
You’re happy.
I’m glad.
Your secrets safe
With me.
Since we both
The same story.
It’s sad…..but
It’s life.
What can we do?
We can fight?
F       I           G       H       T       I           N       G
Causes problems.
How about -            Accepting
Not to
   S     O      C      I      E      T      Y
But yourself.
Do that first.
Then,      P      E      A      C      E - Don’t worry.
You’re not alone.
We all
     S      T      R      U      G      G      L      E.
What about it?
I see what you mean.
People are 
     C      R      U      E      L
They don’t understand.
The life of ours.
And  others.
Like I said
      F          I       G    H        T     I      N  G
Causes problems.
N                                                                          O
People will
     C      H      A           N      G      E.

It’s      L      I      F      E          We’re

Never give up.

Make something of yourself.

Your secret’s safe with me.

We all have something
To cherish
I will cherish
Your story.
Your life.

Thank you

-Fabian Hinojosa ^^

Poetry?! Wow, I would have never thought of putting some up. ^^;
Comment and rate
P.S. The style of this is  very hard to do on this blog, i have the original one saved on my comp.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Deck postings?

Hey there
Well first off, everyone posts their deck online at least once to get reviews and such.
And right now, the deck that I have seems to be very stable and tournament worthy.
I still haven't tried this in a local tournament, but online it seems to be ready.
The reason why I don't enter locals yet is because I'm missing five key cards: Glow-up bulb, 2x Lonefire Blossoms, Ancient Fairy Dragon, and Junk Berserker.
The side deck is always a problem with me though ^^;
I could never get the right cards in and out.
So here's my deck
Tell me what you think =)
And as much I hate the decks today, I don't consider this a DoppleDeck, Dandy Deck, nor a Debris deck.
I just love synchrons and i use the three decks and made it into one that has speed and is tournament ready.
Yusei FTW ^^
P.S. I want to add two cards, Gorz and Morphing Jar, do you think that will work? If you cant see the sycnchros, leave a comment and i'll post it up.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Grad Nite =)

The real fun started at midnight where all of southern California goes to Disneyland to celebrate their Senior Year! It was so much fun, and yeah, really different at night ^^ I would've had more fun if it wasn't my friends first time at Disneyland, but I enjoyed it and so did 5,000 (maybe) plus students! It was our night, it was THE night! I'm glad I finished high school, but the road ahead is not over. I just hope my goals won't be damaged.

 And oh yeah, a shout out to Los Osos ^^ I met one of your students/friends and they were cool to talk with ^^